Ohio Spring Dairy Expo 2018 results

Sunrose Jailyn_OH18

Sunrose Jailyn was named Senior & Reserve Grand Champion of the Mid-East Spring National Holstein Show! 

Smith-Holllow Stanlycp Lania_OH18
Smith-Hollow Stanlycp Lania, 2nd Sr 3yr old & Res. Intermediate Champion

Sunrose Jailyn_OH18
Sunrose Jailyn, 1st 5yr old, Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Masal Sanchez Gail_OH18
Masal Sanchez Gail, 1st Aged Cow, Reserve Senior & HM Grand Champion
Miss Sunrose Lyla_OH`8
iss Sunrose Lyla-ET, 2nd Jr 3yr old

Lordan Gentrys Blue Bud - OH18
Lordan Gentrys Blue Bud, 2nd Sr 3yr old