March 2017 Classification Results

Foltz-Brook Advent Janie EX94, 2016 Unanimous All-American R&W Aged Cow, Janie Sells!

Janie & Angie…both now 94!

Highlights included:

Sunrose Delaney EX94-3E, a Dundee x VG88 Black Ice

Foltz-Brook Advent Janie-Red EX94, Janie was the 2016 Unanimous All-American Aged Cow, owned with R. Helbig

Maple-Slope Goldwn Angie EX94, Angie was the HM Jr All-American Aged Cow 2016, owned with K. Lambert

Sunrose Dee-TW EX93-2E, a Zircon x VG88 Black Ice, Dee is a sister to Sunrose Delaney

Sunrose Demi EX92-93MS, a Goldsun x EX Sunrose Jake x EX94-3E Sunrose Delaney, Demi was nominated Junior All-American Jr 3YR Old in 2016

Jon-Lu Hills Brax Nexus EX92, Braxton x VG89 Goldwyn, owned with Engleking & Matlock

Miss Sunrose Spice-ET EX91, a Windbrook x EX91 Atwood x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX90, Spice is a maternal sister to Mr Sunrose Saturn, owned with Freeman & Parks

Sunrose Jailyn EX91-92MS, a Gold Chip x EX90 Braxton x Sunrose Jess EX94

Sunrose Liberty EX90-91MS, a Gold Chip Sr 3YR Old from an EX Dundee

Cameron-Ridge Gold Chip Lea EX90-91MS, Gold Chip x EX Dundee x EX Grand x Cameron Ridge BC Lisa EX96, owned by A. Nauman

Sunrose Leontine EX90, a Goldwyn from an EX91 Jasper daughter of Savage-Leigh Lavish-ET EX-94 EX-95-MS-GMD, owned with S. Freeman
Sunrose Donna EX90, a Jake x Dundee-Sunrose Delaney EX94-3E, Donna is the dam of Sunrose Demi
Masal Sanchez Gail EX90, a Sanchez x VG85 999-Grand, owned with B. Fuhrmann

Miss Sunrose Sugar-ET VG88-92MS, a Windbrook x EX91 Atwood x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX90, Sugar is a maternal sister to Mr Sunrose Saturn, owned with K. O’Keefe

Sunrose Jizelle-ET VG88-90MS, an Atwood x Sunrose Jenna EX94
Furhmann-Vu Atwood Ginger VG87, an Atwood x EX90 Sanchez Gail, Ginger was nominated Junior All-American Milking Yearling 2016, owned with Furhmann-Vu Dairy
Ms Culver-GMJ Sanchez Angie VG87, a Sanchez x VG86 Dundee, owned by Newman & Penrod
Miss Culver-GMJ Dusk Madie VG87, owned by Newman & Penrod
Just-N-Rust Atwood Precious-ET VG87,
Atwood x EX94 Lee, owned by C. Miller
Golden-Oaks Ashock Devia VG86, an Aftershock from the Champ Rae family, owned by L. Helbig
Sunrose Jenica-ET VG86-88MS, an Atwood x Sunrose Jenna EX94
Sunrose Jolinda-ET VG86, an Atwood x Sunrose Jenna EX94
Holbric Sid Amethyst VG85, a Sid x VG96 Zircon x EX92 Final Cut, owned with T&S Schmocker

OCD Golden Dreams Medusa-ET VG85-86MS, a Golden Dreams x EX94 Durham, owned with Lambert & Furhmann
Sunrose Polly VG85-86MS, Sunrose Jake x VG87 Gabor
Sunrose Tilly VG85, Sterling x EX90 Sunrose Hilago, owned with M. Helmuth

Mr Sunrose Saturn EX91-3YR, +1183M +3.59T +3.42UDC +4.83RUH +4.44RUW, Meridian x EX91 Atwood x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX90