Life Long Replacements

At Long Life Replacements (LLR), we specialize in sourcing the animals you need to keep
your operation profitable. Whether you need a goose-neck full, or 5,000, we have
the experience and team to make it happen.

Our philosophy with commercial replacements, is much the same as the one we
utilize in the purebred business. It is our firm belief that a perfect commercial
cow, is nothing but a miniature show cow. Great feet and legs, a great udder, an
open rib, a wide muzzle, a long neck…..all the things that make a great show cow,
make a GREAT milk cow, she just needs to be smaller.

If your expanding, or starting a new dairy, you have a lot to worry about….let us
worry about the finding the cows, lining up the transportation, providing the
paperwork and records…..we have the network in place already. You can feel free
to concentrate on your operation.

For more information or to place an order now call Bruce Gingerich 574-536-3061