July Classification Results!


The classifier stopped in at Sunrose Holsteins recently, and we have some great results to share!  At the end of the day, there were 16EX, 16VG (13 of these are first lactation) and 1GP

Highlights of the day included:
Maple-Slope Goldwyn Angie EX-93
John Lu Hills Brax Nexus EX-92 (max score, pictured above)

Sunrose Jessica VG-88 2y
Sunrose Leontine-ET VG-88 2y
Sunrose Lauren VG-88 2y

Other New Excellents:
Sunrose Jalyssa EX-90
Sunrose Libby EX-90
Milksource Damion Betty EX-90

Other Two Year Olds Highlights
Sunrose Demi VG-87
Sunrose Dena VG-87
Sunrose Juliana VG-87