Maple-Slope Goldwn Angie EX94, Angie Sells, along with her December Doorman, and a September 2016 High Octane granddaughter

Maple-Slope Goldwn Angie-ET EX-94

HM Junior All-American Aged Cow 2016

USA 68777463 Born: 09/10/2009
Goldwyn x VG 88 Roy X VG Charles X GP 83 Leader x EX-94, EX-94, EX-93, EX-90, VG-87, VG-86, VG-87, VG-87, VG-87, VG-87 (born in 1932)

HM Junior All-American Aged Cow 2016
1st Aged Cow, Mid-East Fall National 2016
1st Aged Cow & Reserve Grand Champion NAILE Jr Show 2016
3rd Aged Cow WDE Jr Show 2016
1st Aged Cow, HM Senior & HM Grand Champion, Kentucky State Fair 2016
1st Aged Cow, Senior & Grand Champion, Indiana State Fair 2016
2nd Aged Cow, Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion, Indiana State Show 2016
Nominated Jr All-American 5 Year Old 2015
Supreme Champion NAILE Junior Show 2015
Grand Champion Grand National Junior Show 2015
Junior All-Indiana 4 Year Old 2014
Reserve Grand Champion Indiana State Junior Show 2014
4th 4 Year Old Indiana State Show 2014
All-Indiana Senior 3 Year Old 2013
1st Senior 3 Year Old, Reserve Intermediate Champion & HM Grand Champion Indiana State Show 2013
2nd Senior 2 Year Old Southern Invitational Show 2012

Owned with Berby & Engleking