Ohio Spring Show 2018

Exciting Show Results
Jailyn named Reserve Grand Champion

Saturn…The “Udder” Bull!

Mr Sunrose Saturn EX91-3YR
+3.63T +3.54UDC +1226M

Janie…Unanimous All-American Aged Cow 2016

Foltzbrook Advent Janie EX-94
1st Aged Cow & HM Senior Champion...WDE R&W Show 2016

Angie…Supreme Champion NAILE Junior Show 2015

Maple-Slope Goldwn Angie-ET EX-94
Your Opportunity...Angie SELLS May 13th!

New at Sunrose Holsteins

Sunrose Jailyn_OH18

Ohio Spring Dairy Expo 2018 results

Sunrose Jailyn was named Senior & Reserve Grand Champion of the Mid-East Spring National Holstein Show! 


The Sunrose Sale

A Great Day With a $4,199 Average!

Foltz-Brook Advent Janie EX94, 2016 Unanimous All-American R&W Aged Cow, Janie Sells!

March 2017 Classification Results

Janie & Angie…both now 94!